Here’s some of our customers say about our products, why they love our spirulina. 

“Busy life – AND you want energy – AND invest in your health?

SpiraVeg Spirulina offers nutrient-dense ‘nutrition insurance’ in a convenient, pure, straight-from-nature format that is tasteless and odorless.

I love drinking a tablespoon of the fresh or frozen spirulina mixed into a glass of water – and I know I’ve just packed in the nutrition of a full day of veggies in one beautiful beverage. They even offer free delivery!

Call my friends at SpiraVeg and do your body good!”

~~ Barbara Lynn Rempel of HealthyOilz.com, Certified in Holistic Nutrition

After suffering a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) 4 years ago, I have struggled daily with cognitive fatigue and memory loss.  I introduced SpiraVeg’s fresh Spirulina into my diet about a year ago and immediately noticed a definite increase in physical and mental energy that lasts through the day.  SpiraVeg spirulina has also improved my cognitive clarity and mental focus.  Thank you SpiraVeg for being an instrumental part of my recovery and ongoing health.

~~ Ezra V.

Spiraveg’s fresh spirulina has been a huge help in managing my tremors.  Before I started spirulina, my tremors were visible when I extended my hand out.  After a month of 1 tbsp a day of spirulina, I could feel the tremors slightly, but couldn’t see them.  I couldn’t pull a splinter out with my nails when I had tremors, and now I can, easily. Also the memory loss that accompanied the tremors was gone…my memory is fine now.

I love the taste of the fresh spirulina…it gives life to water.  I’d be happy eating a whole jar every day, but I can’t afford it!  Heavy metals, particularly cadmium and mercury, are associated with tremors, and spirulina acts effectively–I am very happy to say–as a chelator and binder.

I’m sure there are many minerals and nutrients that contribute the the vibrancy that is immediately felt on drinking it. The first few days were difficult as I didn’t recognize the Herxheimer reaction–I’d urge people new to spirulina not to give up–but once I got back on it, I started feeling better every day.

I’ve also started to give it to my autistic son–he’s fine with the taste (he is prone to violently rejecting foods), I can tell it agrees with him, and it helps to alkanize and hopefully lower heavy metals in his body.  Thank you SpiraVeg for bringing this special product to our family!

~~ P.L.

I have been using SpiraVeg spirulina for a little longer than one year. I was at an early stage of my second pregnancy when I started to use Spiraveg spirulina, now my son is 7 months old. I use 2-4 spirulina frozen cubes or two tablespoons of fresh spirulina mixed with water. Sometimes, if needed I take an extra 4 or 6 cubes, like when I just caught a cold, feeling tired, or when my breast milk is getting low. I can feel my body is getting stronger and my immune system is getting better.

With my first pregnancy (6 years ago), I was diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes. Dealing with my swelling body and controlling diet, it was a hard pregnancy experience.  Being older for my second pregnancy, I did not experience the same difficult challenges with my body and my new born baby was healthy. I believe SpiraVeg spirulina helped to balance my blood sugar and provided important nutrients for myself and baby.

As a mom with a young kid and a new born baby, sleeping and feeding are my biggest challenges. With SpiraVeg spirulina, I have lots of energy to deal with the morning hassles and midnight feedings. I also noticed SpiraVeg spirulina helps in producing my breast milk. When I feel I am low on breast milk, I consume more spirulina, within two days my breast milk will catch up. It’s very convenient to use, no need for my traditional long hours of cooking, preparing a nutritional soup to increase my breast milk.

SpiraVeg spirulina has no smell, can easily be added in any drink; water, juice or smoothie. My favorite way is mixing it with water. I really enjoy having a glass of fresh spirulina water the first thing in the morning!

~~ Ying. Z.